Is it safe to visit the Baltics?

On the 24th February of 2022 many of us woke up to the news alerts about horrific Russian attacks on innocent Ukrainian people. Knowing full well the brutality of our big neighbor in the East, Baltic states immediately united to collect aid and try to call to the consciousness of the West. And we will keep doing it till the last Russian soldier leaves Ukrainian territory! However, being in rather close proximity to the aggressor, we were seen as the next target. So it’s not a big surprise that many people got scared and canceled their long planned trips to the Baltics. So we would like to clear some things before you throw away your holiday plans!
Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia is a part of NATO, the strongest military alliance on the planet. Today the Baltic states security is even more increased. Baltics’s sky is protected by NATO’s Baltic Air Policing Mission. It involves a continuous presence – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – of fighter aircraft and crews ready to respond quickly to possible airspace violations. We were always aware about the ever-increasing threats from Russia and acted accordingly.
Since regaining independence 32 years ago, Baltic countries have worked very hard to build a resilient economy, ensure the rule of law and develop safe and reliable tourism infrastructure. Do you think that big international hotels like Hilton, Kempinski or Radisson would still operate here if Baltic states were in imminent danger? Or did you hear about international airlines canceling flights? No! So you can still book your flights and choose the most comfortable hotels for your stay. And don’t worry, tour companies are operating here just as fine. Riga Airport is a main flight hub in the area and has a lot of connecting flight to all over the world. It’s a safe and welcoming environment.

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