The short transfers from airport to hotel etc were great. Every single one was on time and very professional. The long transfers were amazing! The drivers were all professional, great drivers, educated young people with a genuine love of their job and loved to talk! By the end of each day I felt that they were not a driver but a friend. I was amazed by their personal stories and what shaped them into the people they are now. They were so open about their own life, life in general in their country, history of their country, feelings etc. I came away from the trip loving the history and old towns etc but felt like I understood the heart and spirit of each country as well from all my conversations.

Mrs. Maureen - June 2018

Very comfortable trip from Tallinn to Riga and another very comfortable trip today to Klaipeda. Excellent transport company and helpful drivers, with good suggestions. Well done! 🙂

Mr. Alain - May 2018

Путешествие семьей в Вильнюс прошло прекрасно! По дороге смогли заехать в Рундальский замок. Осень понравилось!
Дорога на комфортном, новом и очень чистом автомобиле пролетела незаметно. Очень вежливый и внимательный водитель, который смог ещё немного рассказать нам о достопримечательностях по пути движения.  Отличный и познавательный отдых! Рекомендую.

Anatoly - September 2018

Booked transfer service for group of five for transfer to Liepaja. Driver arrived on time and was very helpful. Car was brand new minivan and it had free bottled water for us. We had a great trip! Enjoy!

Vin K - October 2018